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My love of nature and textiles blend with environmental awareness and the need for conservation. These two emotional issues that through creative expression can reach out to people to empower them. My current fine arts work as well as my functional art pieces have enjoyed rewarding and moving responses from the public, customers and myself.


My weavings evoke the natural world, raw emotion, changing light, movement & (gentle) harmony.

My work is nonrepresentational. Texture, colour and the incorporation of various materials and recycled fibers come together to create the detailed visual pieces that constitute my work.

My creative process is spontaneous and intuitive. I approach each piece with an openness, working without a predetermined image of the end product. I combine a variety of recycled textiles and fibers coaxing out unforeseen textural effects and surprises.


Chance and serendipity play a key role in my work.

Visual Artist & Weaver
As a weaver I have been practicing and exploring the technical and design elements of the art for many years. 


The tradition of the rag rug has been around for many generations, originating in the days when fabric was too expensive to waste. Diverting fabric and textiles from the landfill and transforming them into functional art, fashion pieces and fine art is heartwarming. 


As the "Solitary Weaver" I love the colour diversity and the assorted textures available that enable me to create tactile art. Each piece is unique and truly one of a kind.


As a professional gardener, avid long distance hiker and canoeing enthusiast, my love of nature influences how I work with colour and texture. Weaving with a purpose is my goal. My designs come from the magic within me... a gift I appreciate daily. 


My work is available at shows & exhibits across Canada and at select local retailers. I look forward to connecting with you soon.



Is there something you're envisioning that you'd like me to create? Please contact me.

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