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"Putting the funk into elegant fashion. My weaving maximizes the colours and textures that make your style uniquely fabulous."

“Elegance in Motion” describes this asymmetrical swing coat.


A unique pairing of two talents created this one of a kind, all season’s jacket...

• handwoven yardage by Ani vanDyk, a linen, wool, silk blend we like to call lindesy/woolsy. Lightweight with perfect drape yet lofty and warm. Woven in a plain tabby weave, the colour and textures are highlighted without a distracting pattern. The combo of natural fibres gives an earthy shade of neutral. Washed, fulled and ever so slightly felted to create a subtle and soft feel.

• textile designer and artist Nancy Johnston batik dyed the cotton used for the lining and seam binding. She designed the coat to maximize the handwoven yardage; all the raw edges have been encapsulated by using a bound seam technique. The lining, a kaleidoscope of autumn colours follows the shape of the jacket hem but is only half the length allowing the handwoven fabric to hang freely.


Each front can be draped across to create a cowl neck line, looped over a button. Right over left or left over right or both for a double cowl affect. It's very easy to wear and has a natural swish to it as you move.


Gotta have it?

This one-of-a-kind swing coat has a medium/large fit. You can purchase this specific piece or we'd be happy to create a custom coat for you with your own personal textures, colours and touches.


Contact me for details and/or a try on. You’re going to love it!

Asymmetrical Swing Coat
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