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"Shabby Chic pieces make a bold eco-friendly visual statement. They are creative, well designed accessories, hand woven using re-purposed textiles. Recycling at its finest!"


My inspiration comes from my love of nature and my desire to create attractive, functional art. Using recycled textiles is a fun challenge. Sourcing and prepping the cloth that I find at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. is a large part of the process. Reclaimed selvedge ends from an upholstery mill compliment the rags in many of my rugs.


Each piece is a complex balance of colour, texture, design and function. I use new cotton yarn for the warp, which also adds to the design detailing of each piece. Then the weaving process on my floor loom begins, ensuring a sturdy and lasting decor item..  From area rugs, bath/bedroom mats, placemats, designer cushions to pot holders nothing warms a room in a home like a rag rug.  A little bit of me is woven into each of my pieces making them uniquely one of a kind.  

If you see something you like feel free to contact me.

Placemats, Runners & Rugs
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